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Dr. Emmanuel Orelus is an internal medicine physician.

Dr. Orelus is an undergraduate of the University of Florida and a graduate of St. Matthews University School of Medicine in Grand Cayman, British West Indies. He also completed a non-accredited Fellowship in Clinical Immunology at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Orelus is a practicing physician and owner of Optimal Health Choice where his patient’s health comes first. On his free time, he enjoys gardening, spending quality time with his family and diligently thinking. Dr. Orelus's primary goal is to provide the best care possible in the Palm Beach County community.

Dr. Emmanuel Orelus

Community Involvement


His compassion for people has lead him to volunteer for Project Medishare, a medical Relief organization serving Haiti, providing medical care to underserved residents of Thomode, Haiti. Dr. Orelus also contributed to this organization by conducting HIV/AIDS education in Cap-Haitian Haiti, the city of his birthplace. He continued to help those in desperate need during the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit Port Au-Prince Haiti in 2010. Dr. Orelus continues to be a Health Educator at the Center for Haitian Studies Inc. where he conducts medical educational sessions on a radio station (Radio Mega), on topics such as Hypertension, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS and STDs.

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