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Optimal Health Choice


At Optimal Health Choice, we understand being diagnosed with a disease can be difficult, both emotionally and physically. The entire staff at Optimal Health Choice is here for you and will work with you as a team. Dr, Orelus takes a patient first approach and is trained to provide treatment of most acute and chronic diseases.

·         Abdominal Pain
·         Allergic Rhinitis
·         Alzheimer's Disease
·         Arthritis
·         Asthma
·         Back Pain
·         Chronic Bronchitis
·         Colds/Flu/Sinus Infections
·         Congestive Heart Failure
·         Depression and Anxiety Disorders
·         Diabetes
·         Ear Infections
·         Eczema
·         Elevated Cholesterol/Triglycerides
·         Emphysema

·         Eye Infections
·         Gastroenteritis

·         Headaches
·         Heartburn
·         Heart Disease
·         Hypertension
·         Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
·         Irritable Bowel Syndrome
·         Menopause Treatment
·         Minor Injuries
·         Osteoporosis Treatment
·         Prostate Disorders
·         Rashes
·         Skin and Nail Infections

Our services include:

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